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  • Black Feathers
  • Love Has Arrived
  • In This Life
  • Romancing The Seas
  • Pretty Sails
  • In The Shallow
  • Let Me Shine

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  • In The Shallow
    by Sandy
  • Watch The Tempo
    by Joey Warren, Fred White House & Group
  • Blaze Of Glory
    by Simon, Niels, Shane & Fred Whitehouse
  • If Only
    by Adrian Lefebour, John Bishop & Stephen Paterson
  • Bardot Blues
    by Simon Ward & Rachael McEnaney-White
  • Tango With Me Darling
     by Rob Fowler & Daniel Whittaker
  • To The Moon and Back
     by Gary O’Reilly &  Debbie Rushton
  • Perfectly Easy
     by Alison Johnstone & Josh Talbot
  • Pussycat Cha Cha
     by Sandy
  • I Close My Eyes
     by Hazel Pace





  • Dive
    by Mark Simpkin
  • Ashes
    by Wandy & Hotma
  • Shady
    by Darren Bailey-Fred Whitehouse-Amy Glass
  • To Be Human
    by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
  • She’s The One
    by Carl Sullivan
  • Bittersweet
     by Sandy & Barbara Hile (R)
  • Til I’m Done
     by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
  • Baker Street
     by Ron Bloye
  • Tightrope
     by Maggie Gallagher
  • Life Goes On
     by Maria Maag
  • Sunshine Waltz
    by Tracie Lee
  • Corazon De Metal
    by Wil Bos
  • Hard For The Money
    by Adrian Lefebour
  • In My Heart Always
    by Ron Boyle
  • A Pot Of Gold
    by Liam Hrycan
  • Boots
    by Maddison Glover
  • Thorns & Roses
    by Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk
  • Sweet Caroline
    by Darren Bailey
  • Over The Rainbow Swing
     by Gordon Elliott
  • From My Side (smooth)
     by Sandy
  • Moon River (smooth)
     by John Koning
  • Stand By Me Remix
     by Junghye Yoon
  • Soli
     by Barbara Hile
  • Working On Me
    by Paul Snook, Jo & John Kinser & Friends
  • When She Grows Up
    by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk
  • Love Is The Name
    by Alison Johnstone & David Hoyn & Friends
  • Please Remember
    by Gordon Elliott
  • You Are The Reason
    by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
  • Someone To Love
    by Tim Gauci
  • The King And I
    by Karl-Harry Winson
  • In This Life
     by Sandy
  • Just Drunk Enough
     by Rachael McEnaney-White
  • Shades Of Passion
     by Rob Fowler
  • Cheri, Cheri Lady
     by Ria Vos